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  • stampa: Aware of what is happening in the world. and thanks to copper3d. in showing that this material has a property when heated. I'm also making my prototype mask to combat this plague. the ideal for this print is a type of anti-bacterial filament that makes copper 3d. but to add my grain of sand to the world I offer it in pla the ideal is that they have a good adherence to the bed and a low speed so that the quality is more than excellent. I recommend washing the mask every time you can Warm water is recommended to mold it to the face. to mold or adjust it more to the face it is recommended to heat in warm water. recommends that for adults, a 110% scale should be used in the cure. The same applies to the filter nuts 108%. the mask-kid is recommended in 1:1 scale or 100% plus the nuts 98%. the scale on the nut must be played with. so it doesn't get tight if it is for a person with a wider face, it is recommended to modify the scale. #3DVSCOVID19 3DvsCOVID19 3D PRINTING SETTINGS bed: 50 nozzel: 200 filler: 20 if you support standard quality cure profile
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