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LaFactoria3D - Spain



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  • stampa: [UPDATE 2020/04/02] We have uploaded a new version of the mask (v2). The printing time of the mask has been decreased from 3 hours to 1 hour. The filter parts can be printed in 20-30 minutes each. The goal is to print as many masks as possible using less material and time. Be safe! [ENGLISH] This 3D model has not been approved by any regulatory agency and has not passed any laboratory tests. It is a prototype designed by LAFACTORIA3D (a Spain-based company), presented among many other works in the CORONAVIRUSMAKERS community, created with the aim of providing emergency protective material to medical professionals who need it, given the current global shortage of supplies. It is not intended to replace any homologated mask, but to provide minimal protection. We cannot guarantee its operation, so use it at your own risk. Please, read the assembly instructions, as well as important security information: [ESPAÑOL] Este modelo 3D no está homologado por ninguna agencia reguladora ni ha pasado ningún test de laboratorio. Se trata de un prototipo diseñado por LAFACTORIA3D (empresa localizada en Galicia, España), presentado entre muchos otros trabajos en la comunidad CORONAVIRUSMAKERS, creada con el objetivo de facilitar material protector de emergencia a profesionales médicos que lo necesiten, ante la actual escasez mundial de suministros. No podemos garantizar su correcto funcionamiento, por lo que debe usarlo bajo su propia responsabilidad. Por favor, lea las instrucciones de montaje, así como información de seguridad importante: For more updates follow us on: Screw-on cap inspired by: Screw-on geometry used: Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: 0.25mm Infill: 20% Filament_brand: SMARTMATERIALS Filament_material: PLA Notes: Print the mask and parts with only two walls (with a line width of 0.4mm each). In CURA, disable "Print Thin Walls" to decrease printing time avoiding unnecessary infills between the mask walls.
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