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  • stampa: creation of a tpu mask equipped with an exhalation valve. it is able to receive a classic filtration with disc support of other material. the whole is removable and washable. recommends for the mask to heat it to the shape of your face, to pinch it, especially at the level of the nose, for the sealing. I join 3 thicknesses for the valve in tpu according to the ventilation you need. the size of the mask is 12 cm wide . if you need to modify don't forget to make a grouped .regroup all the files before modification this is an idea and not a substitute for the ffp2 mask take care of yourself. 3D PRINTING SETTINGS for mask and tpu valve 30 mms, 210°, 70° plateau for the valve holders pla a 60mms, 220° and plate a 70°. Mandatory support for the mask and border.
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