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  • stampa: The advantage of this mask is that, when placed on the face, the filter points downwards, reducing the risk of receiving any micro-droplets with allergens. The mask is molded to the face and assembled with 3 pieces: ● "mask" ● "cover" that will support the filter and attach to the mask ● "grid" prevents the filter from getting into the mask In addition to the parts, a filter must be cut out of the most appropriate fabric for each use. The "grid" piece can serve as a template for cutting. Once mounted, two rubber bands are required to hold it to the face. 3D PRINTING SETTINGS Printed with PLA "LEON-3D blue" (I've tried better), with parameters: ● 195º print, 60º bed ● Layer height 0.25mm ● Time 4h38' + 48' +12' For the mask, the original plane would be the connection to the lid. In this way, the material lost in flown supports is very little
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