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  • stampa: This mask provides a perfect security for the covid-19 virus as much as possible by fitting the face perfectly. I made this mask by using pla type filement with small supports. The angle of the air ducts prevents direct air intake. Human ergonomics were considered as far as possible. With the help of boiling water, you can ensure that the mask fits the face exactly as in the photos. You can find 2 different sizes in the file. Remember that you should not touch your hand to your face and protect your eyes to protect yourself against this virus. Stay healthy. Soaking in boiling water about 10 seconds is enough for plastic to soften. Soaking in boiling water allows you to intervene in the shape of the plastic for a few seconds. After we are fully seated on the face, we proceed to the installation. At this stage, you can use shoelaces or different materials according to yourself. Then we place the napkin in front of our mask. We fix the napkin to the channel around the mask with the rubber. Now it is ready for your use. Repeat this process while the mask is on your face until air is not leaking from the edges. Make sure that the napkin you put in front of the mask is not too thick. Otherwise, you may have difficulty getting air. 3D PRINTING SETTINGS Layer hight 0.3 mm ─░nfill density 60% Print temperature 200 Print speed 100 Support Yes Raft No
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